Sigona's Office Deliveries is open and operating! Please contact us if you would like to resume your office service or to set up recurring orders of fresh fruit and snacks for your remote employees.


Why It’s Good

Snack Smart | Work Happy

You’ve seen it happen. Maybe you’ve done it yourself.

11:45 am: Just a little bit longer and you’ll get that report completed. When you come up for air, it’s 1:30 and you’re hungry, but you don’t want to stop yet. Next thing you know, you’ve got the 3 o’clock crazies, where no vending machine or junky snacks are safe from the mindless, auto-feeding hand.

Enter Sigona’s Office Deliveries, where our mission is to keep you happy, well-fed and energized at work.

Grown By Local Farmers

We strive to support as many local growers as possible from nearby farming communities such as Salinas, Morgan Hill, Half Moon Bay, Hollister, Pescadero, Watsonville, and Placerville. We’ve chosen certain farmers that we trust to farm their land with the utmost integrity and have developed relationships with them for over 35 years.

Farm Fresh Produce

By sourcing locally whenever possible, we believe we can minimize the time it takes for freshly picked fruit to reach your hands. This process allows fruit to ripen on the tree longer. We think you’ll have the sense that the fruit you’re eating was just picked!

Natural or Pesticide-Free Produce Options

We aim to source the very best the earth has to offer – including natural options. Several of our farmers grow pesticide-free produce or use only low chemical growing methods.

Hand Selected Each Week

The best fruit options change with the season and it can be a challenge for consumers to select optimal fruit for the office. Let us do that for you! We have dedicated produce buyers who work hand-in-hand with the famers to determine the exact week to introduce new fruits at an optimal level of enjoyment.

A Snacking Alternative

Grab fresh fruit as an alternative to the candy bars and chip bags in your vending machines.

Subscription Service
at your Door

No need to fill a grocery cart each week or lug heavy produce and milk into the office!

Convenient Delivery

Your fresh fruit and snacks will arrive in the morning, assuring you’ll have something to snack on all day.

Fruit Education
at Your Finger Tips

We’ll help you learn about all of the bountiful fruit around you.