5 Tips to Keep Your Office Healthy!

As concerns over the coronavirus (COVID-19) grow, you may be wondering how to keep your employees healthy and safe. Here are 5 tips to keep yourself healthy in the workplace.

Wash Hands Frequently and Sanitize High Touch Points 
Encourage your employees to wash their hands frequently and for at least 20 seconds with soap and warm water. In addition, increase the sanitization of high touch points in your office and have employees wipe down their own desk areas, including computers, mice, keyboards, phones, and even pens. Don’t forget about the exteriors, reusable water bottles, mobile devices, and the door handles!

Avoid Touching Your Eyes or Face
Many people naturally touch their eyes and face all day without even noticing it. Viruses and the common cold can be contracted easily through the transmission of bacteria passed between hands and the face. Be aware of this and try to reduce the number of times you’re touching your face throughout the day and WASH YOUR HANDS. 

Stay Home if You Have a Cough or Fever
Everyone has things to do at work but if you’re feeling sick and or have a fever, understand that you could spread illness to your coworkers by going into work when you’re not feeling well. If an employee is ill, has a family member at home sick, or has come in close contact with someone with COVID-19, encourage them to practice safe judgment and to stay home if they believe they could potentially be a carrier. Think about how your actions can either help spread or prevent illnesses.

Practice Social Distancing
Social distancing is the best thing you can do for yourself to help limit the spreading of the flu or other illnesses. At the very least, avoid shaking hands with a colleague. If your company doesn’t already have a work from home policy, consider putting a plan in place in case the virus spreads to your employees. Review sick time, family leave and other policies that may affect your business, and consider limiting non-essential travel of employees.

Trade Bulk Bins for Individual Snack Packs
In the same vein as sanitizing communal areas, communal bulk snacking is not your friend at this time. Limit the amount of shared contact between employees by trading in bulk bins with individually packed snack packs to help prevent the spread of other illnesses. Eating a snack that’s packed for individual consumption such as our Fruit For Thought 1oz snack packs are the perfect solution! Just grab a snack pack, wash your hands, and enjoy delicious, healthy dried fruit and nuts!

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