All About Mangoes!

Varieties You’ll See: Sigona’s carries many mango varieties throughout the year: Kent, Ataulfo, Keitt, Hayden, Manila and Tommy Atkins. They each have their own peak season, so we add them to baskets as each new variety becomes available.

Where They Grow: Mangoes originated in India and Southeast Asia, but grow all over the world today. Most of the mangoes sold in the U.S. come from South America, and the ones in your deliveries come from Mexico.

Seasonality: You can find at least one kind of mango variety in season at just about any point in the year, however, you’ll see the majority of these in your baskets during the late winter to early summer months.

Nutritional Value: A mango serving size is equivalent to one cup, or about half a mango. A half mango has about 100 calories and over 20 vitamins and minerals, making it a superfood. A cup of mango provides 100% of your daily value of Vitamin C, 35% daily value of Vitamin A, and 20% daily value of folate.

Fun Fact: The paisley pattern, developed in India, was inspired by the shape of a mango!

Tip: There are a few great ways to eat a mango, but our favorite is to stand your mango up vertically, slice along the mango’s pit, score those slices in a crosshatch pattern, and spoon out those deliciously sweet mango cubes! Check out our social media channels for a video tutorial of this method. 

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