Celebrate Earth's goodness in April! | Sigona's Office Deliveries April 2019 Menu

April is all about celebrating Mother Earth and what better way to just that but enjoying fruit! 

Check out what is coming your way in this month's baskets and boxes:

Basics Basket: Navel Oranges, Pixies, Tangelos, Grapefruit, Blood Oranges, Fuji Apples, Gala Apples, Bananas, D'Anjou Pears, Bosc Pears, Kiwi

Wide Variety Basket: Best Ever Pears, Cara Caras, Blood Oranges, Tangelos, Navel Oranges, Pixies, Manila Mangoes, Pink Ladies, Granny Smiths, Avocados, Bananas

Organics Basket: Navel Oranges, Tangos, Tangelos, Grapefruit, Pink Ladies, Granny Smiths, Fuji Apples, Braeburns, Galas, D'Anjou Pears, Bosc Pears, Bananas, Kiwi, Avocados

Value Pack: Navel Oranges, Pixies, Tangelos, Fuji Apples, Galas, Pink Ladies, D'Anjou Pears, Bosc Pears, Bananas

Organic Value Pack: Navel Oranges, Tangos, Tangelos, Pink Ladies, Braeburn Apples, Fuji Apples, Galas, D'Anjou Pears, Bosc Pears, Bananas

April #FruitChatter...get excited for Manila Mangoes! Manila Mangoes are here! Want an easy way to eat these sweet tropical gems in the office? First, wash your mango. Next, stand it up vertically and carefully slice downward on either side of the seed that's in the middle. Then, score the flesh, forming a crosshatch without puncturing the skin. Finally, use your spoon, dig in, and enjoy!

Manila Mangoes will be available in Wide Variety baskets only. To add them to your order, please log into your account on

Happy Spring, everyone!

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