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Can you believe it's March already? We have a new and tasty fruit menu coming to your offices this month. Check it out:

Basics Basket: Navel Oranges, Grapefruit, Blood Oranges, Tangelos, Murcotts, Pixies, Fujis, Galas, D'Anjours, Boscs, Pink Ladies, Kiwi, and Bananas

Wide Variety Basket: Navel Oranges, Cara Caras, Blood Oranges, Tangelos, Pixies, Murcotts, Manila Mangos, Haden Mangos, Best Ever Pear, Pink Ladies, Granny Smiths, Avocados, and Bananas

Organics Basket: Navel Oranges, Pages, Tangos, Tangelos, Grapefruit, Pink Ladies, Braeburns, Fujis, Galas, Haden Mangos, D'Anjous, Boscs, Bananas, Kiwi, and Avocado

Value Pack: Navel Oranges, Pixies, Murcotts, Tangelos, Pink Ladies, Fujis, Galas, D'Anjous, Boscs, Bananas

Organic Value Pack: Navel Oranges, Tangos, Tangelos, Pink Ladies, Braeburns, Fujis, D'Anjous, Boscs, and Bananas

March #FruitChatter: March is here and that means some of your fruit favorites are back in season - like the delicious Haden Mango! Our Haden Mangos are grown in Mexico, an ideal tropical climate for this fruit. They're so fresh because it only takes a few days from farm to our headquarters here in the Bay Area. Haden Mangos are red, green, and yellow. The green areas turn yello as they ripen. They are rich with sweet flavor. Eat them as is or throw them into your smoothie or onto your salad. You'll see Haden Mangos in Wide Variety and Organic Baskets. Add them to any order by emailing

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