No Added Sugar Smoothies Featuring Only Fruits and Veggies!

Sugar, sugar, everywhere!

As a society, we've been having a lot of conversations about sugar lately. Even the FDA is changing their rules around added sugar. Did you know that the FDA has mandated that all food labels must call out the amount of added sugar within the product by 2018?. It's clear: as a society, our thoughts about added sugar are developing.

Here at Office Deliveries, we want to provide you with alternative ways to consume more fruits and vegetables without having to add any more sugar to your diet. We tried five smoothie recipes that only included fruit, vegetables, and water - we were skeptics at first but found the smoothies were super flavorful and plenty sweet without the added sugar!

Of course, we want to hear from YOU - our community - with your thoughts about added sugars, all-natural smoothies, and how our society is shifting in its thoughts around sugar. Tell us on our Facebook page or leave a comment here on our blog!

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