Popular Apple Varieties in Sigona's Fruit Baskets

There’s a lot to love about fall – the cooling weather, the changing color of leaves, the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes – but one of the things we’re most excited about is the bountiful fall fruit harvests. Apples are one of those quintessential autumnal crops, with farms opening their doors for apple picking and countless varieties appearing by the bushel in farmers markets.

Apples are being picked fresh now, some to be sold fresh, while the rest is harvested to be put in cold storage or controlled atmosphere storage (how you are able to enjoy an apple a day year-round, even when they’re not in season). There are over 7,500 apple varieties grown in the world, with about 100 available for purchase in grocery stores in the US. Sigona’s Office Deliveries sources from Washington, which produces 60% of apples consumed in the US, and we rotate varieties in our seasonal baskets to keep them fresh and exciting.

Here are a few varieties that you can look forward to in your Sigona’s deliveries:

Granny Smith: This green-skinned variety has a crisp, tart taste that is great as a snack or in pies and sauces.

Pink Lady: Also known as a Cripps Pink, Pink Ladies are a nice balance of sweet/tart and known for their rosy pink skin.

Braeburn: A bi-colored variety (both red and green), with a rich, complex flavor and refreshing crispness.

Jazz: This crunchy, tangy-sweet and juicy variety was developed in the 1980s in New Zealand, and is a favorite for snacking.

Opal: Easily recognizable by their bright yellow skin, Opals are crispy, juicy and sweet, and naturally non-browning.

Rockit: Rockit apples are sweet, crunchy and grown to be naturally small, the perfect snack size!

Gala: Galas are sweet, crisp, and can vary in color from cream to red and yellow striped. Mature Galas have a deeper red color and increased sweetness.

Fuji: Fuji apples are one of the most popular varieties due to their sweet flavor and firmness. They are bi-colored, typically yellow and red.

We hope you enjoy all the delicious apple varieties of fall!

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