Seven Reasons Satsumas Are The Best

Citrus season is here and we’re added Satsumas in our office delivery boxes and baskets! Satsumas are often a fan favorite in offices for many reasons, we’re going to give you seven reasons why Satsumas are the perfect snack for the office! 

  1. Convenience. Do you only have five minutes to grab a quick bite to eat before the next meeting? Have no worries because Satsumas can be enjoyed seamlessly on the walk to the conference room. 

  1. Tasty. Satsumas are the perfect flavorful snack. They’re juicy, tangy, tart, and sweet, all at the same time. This bold citrus flavor is perfect for anytime of day! 

  1. Seedless. No need to fear biting into a seed because Satsumas are seedless! 

  1. Easy to Peel. Satsumas taste great and are easy to peel! No need for a knife - see if you can peel the skin in one piece!

  1. Addition to Salads. If you’re looking to change up a salad, Satsumas are a perfect addition! 

  1. Sweetness. This citrus fruit is going to fix that sweet treat craving but it’s also packed with nutrients!

  2. Boost of Vitamin C. During the winter months Vitamin C is fantastic for boosting the immune system. With just one Satsuma you’re getting 66mg of Vitamin C!

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