New Product: 12oz Bags of Dried Persimmon!

Do you miss persimmon season? We just launched the perfect snack that will hit those cravings: Dried Hachiya Persimmons in a 12oz sharable bag, perfect for filling snack bins or jars in your office! We're in love with these because when you take a bite, you will taste hints of baking spices such as pumpkin, raisins, and brown sugar. 

Dried fruit is a great option for a quick, healthy, no-mess-snack in the office! At Sigona’s Office Deliveries, we offer our Fruit For Thought brand of dried fruit and nuts. These are as close to nature as possible: gently dried to maintain nutrients and without added sugar, preservatives, or anything fake. We source only the best so you can enjoy every bite!

We have a wide variety of dried fruit and nuts in both individual-serving snack packs and larger sharable bags to meet your office needs. Next time you are looking for a healthy addition to your office breakroom, consider adding our very popular dried goods! 

Happy snacking!

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