Pear Season!

Pear season is here and there’s so many to taste and enjoy! In your weekly basket deliveries, we rotate in a number of varieties throughout the season, including Bartletts, Boscs, Asian Pears, Green D’Anjous, Red D’Anjous, Concordes, and Best Evers! We source these mainly from Washington and Oregon where these winter fruits thrive. Pears are a nutritious and delicious snack for the office - not only are they sweet, but they are one of the highest-fiber fruits and a good source of vitamin C and antioxidants. Here’s a guide of the different varieties you’ll see: 

Bartletts: Bartletts have a signature sweet pear flavor, soft texture and turn from green to yellow as they ripen. Barletts have the true pear form with the rounded bell on the bottom half of the fruit and the smaller neck. Bartletts are a staple in the office this season!

Boscs: Bosc pears are a crunchy, earthy variety with a honey sweetness. If you want to mix things up, you can pair this Bosc pear with chocolate or add it to your salad!  

Asian / Apple Pears: Asian pears (also called Apple pears) are crunchy and juicy like apples, with the honeyed sweetness of pears. These tasty treats are a must if you’re a traditional apple and pear fan. 

Green D'Anjous: Green D'Anjou pears are refreshing, juicy and citrus-sweet. They are distinguished by their egg shape and hearty skin, making them easy to transport.

Red D'Anjous: Red D'Anjous are juicy, sweet and slightly tangy. They are also egg-shaped but have bright red skin. Red D’Anjou Pears are fantastic to eat with nut butter and cheese! 

Concordes: Concorde pears are very crunchy and sweet. They are characterized by their longer shape and hints of vanilla flavor. Concorders have a smooth gentle curve at the base of the pear, with a slender neck, and yellow-green skin! 

Best Evers: Best Ever pears are a delicious newer variety, characterized by a unique, almost spicy flavor. They're a late-season variety, a cross between a Comice and Bosc. These pears are ready when their green-tinted skin lightens slightly! Get ready to enjoy its sweet buttery texture! 

Pears are a great addition to the office; pair with nuts, add to salads and top off your yogurt in the office. The best way to tell if a pear is ripe is to test the neck for a little give. Enjoy!

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