Deep Dive into Mandarin Varieties

Believe it or not, there are several kinds of mandarins; Clementines, Murcotts, Satsumas, Pages, and Tangoes. Each type of mandarin has different traits. Do you know their differences? We are going to give you the breakdown of different kinds of mandarins so you can finally decide which one is your favorite!


Clementine mandarins are the first mandarins to become available, from November through January. These deep-orange Clementines are juicy, sweet, and easy to peel, making them a perfect office snack.


Satsumas are typically in peak season from early fall to early winter. Satsumas are round with thin skin making them easy to peel. That’s why Satsumas are almost always left with the stem⁠— often, the peel will come right off when trying to remove it! These mandarins are sugary sweet and wonderfully tender and juicy. 


Page mandarins come later in the season, typically starting in early February and running through the beginning of the summer. Pages are small and almost perfectly round and are wonderfully sweet, tender and juicy!


Tango mandarins come later in the seasons starting in early February, running through the beginning of the summer. Tangoes have a squat shape with sweet and mild-tart notes. They have a beautiful deep orange color inside!


Murcott mandarins are in peak season typically from February through April. They have a more flattened, oval shape. These mandarins have an intense orange-colored peel and flavorful sweet-tart taste!

Overall, mandarins are a great office snack because in general, they’re easy to peel, sweet & juicy, and seedless! Next time you're in the store or office, try to figure out which mandarin you're eating. What time of year is it? What can the shape tell you? What are the strong flavors presented in the bite? Enjoy!

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