An Office Worker’s Guide to Dried Orange Peels

 by Brie Kocher: Citrus Lover and Digital Media Marketer for Sigona's Office Deliveries!

You and I probably eat oranges the same way: quickly peel it, toss the rind in the trash, and devour the tangy pieces in just a few bites. I do this every day (if you don't know this already, oranges are my favorite office snack!). Yesterday afternoon I noticed that the rind, sitting in my trashcan just a few feet away from my desk, was emitting a fragrance that filled my office space with the reminder of the tangy treat I had enjoyed. I began to wonder: are there alternative uses to the orange peel that I’m missing out on?

The short answer is YES! Many cultures have been using dried orange peels for centuries - mind blown! Knowing how to use citrus rinds is frugal and old-fashioned, both admirable traits in a time when food is often wasted. Drying orange peels is relatively simple (no oven required) and will impress even the most frugal of colleagues at your workplace.


1. Scrub the citrus and pat it dry. Grab a vegetable peeler (a plastic knife can work too!) and remove the rind in strips of similar size, being careful to remove as little of the underlying bitter white pith as possible.

2. Place the strips of citrus rind in a single layer with the inside of the peel facing upward. Store in a cool, dry place for 2-4 days (like behind your computer monitor or in your desk's top drawer).

3. You’ll know the peels are ready when they’re dry to the touch and don’t contain any moisture.

4. Once the citrus peel is dry to the touch, store the strips in a jar or other resealable container in a cool, dark place for up to 12 months.


1. Keep your workspace smelling fresh by placing a few dried orange peels at the bottom of your trash canister or in your top desk drawer.

2. Bundle several dried orange peels together in a small satchel and place it on your desk as potpourri. Or gift it to another coworker!

3. Dried orange peels add a tangy sweet flavor to many types of drinks:

- Add to hot water for a citrus-flavored tea.

- Add to your cup of black coffee for a tangy flavor that will help wake you up.

- Infuse your water with dried orange peels to encourage hydration.

4. Become the dried orange peel expert! Other household and office uses include:

- Using orange peels in the garbage disposal for freshness.

- Using orange peels as ant deterrent (who knew?!).

- Or as feral cat deterrent (also who knew!).

- Microwave dried orange peels for 1 minute to freshen up the office microwave after someone heats up their leftover fish.

With a little creativity, you’ll find there are many ways to enjoy fruit in the office and at home. What are your favorite ways to use an orange? Add a comment here or find us on Facebook and share your thoughts! We look forward to hearing from you! 

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