Benefits Of Apples

Want to stay more alert?  More sustained energy?  Who doesn’t want that?

For many of us, work doesn’t start till the coffee kicks in.  To be sure, there’s nothing like that morning caffeine hit. Till the midmorning crash. 

Consider the apple.   A medium apple has 13 grams of naturally-occurring fruit sugar, which releases slowly into the body, making the energy last the whole time the body is metabolizing the sugars, and without the caffeine crash (think bell curve vs. spike).

If you’re trying to avoid that midafternoon slump, why not grab an apple instead of cookies? It’s a gentle way to raise your energy, and more sustained than mainlining (yet) more coffee.  Make it even better: add some aged cheddar or a handful of peanuts for a boost of protein and fat.  It adds to that good feeling of satiety in a way that caffeine and simple sugars cannot.

Our apples are ready to go straight to your workplace.

A primer on some of our most popular varieties is a good place to start. Here’s what’s in right now.  We’ll go from sweet to tart.

  • Fuji apples, one of our most popular varieties, is sweet and firm, low in acid, and crisp and juicy. Its characteristic bicolored skin is a subtle pink speckling over creamy yellow-green.  
  • Gala apples, the most popular in the US, are sweet, mild, and low in acid. Color ranges from cream to red and yellow stripes. As they mature on the tree, the red color deepens.
  • Honeycrisp, another customer favorite, is both sweet and tart, -- and true to its name, so crisp it ‘snaps.’ It’s light and refreshing, especially when eaten lightly chilled.


Here are some of the varieties we have coming in over the next few weeks.  From sweet to tart…

  • Smitten, whose color ranges from yellow to pink to red, is sweet with some acidity – similar to Gala and Braeburn, its parent varieties. It’s a pretty new variety, available only since 2011. 
  • Jazz, is crunchy, juicy, and tangy-sweet with distinctive notes of pear. If you like a really strong crunch when you bite into an apple, Jazz is the apple for you. Developed in the 1980s, it’s another snack favorite.
  • Braeburn’s lemony, floral nuances make its flavor rich and complex. It’s crisp, very juicy, and refreshing without being too sugary or puckery. Braeburn growers say its flavor is best when served just below room temperature.
  • Pink Lady is easy to recognize by its rosy pink skin. It’s not as tart as a Granny Smith, but like Braeburn (one of its parent varieties), its tartness is noticeable in the nicest of ways.


Among the small, quotidian pleasures of life, few things are more satisfying than taking that first bite of a crisp, juicy apple and letting the perfect balance of sweet and tart dance on your tongue.

Don't forget to check out all the fresh apple varieties this season and happy snacking! 

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