March is a Lucky Month for Delicious Fruit! Read More About the March Menu

We'll be seeing all things citrus, apples, and mangoes this March! If you’re looking for something a little more unique, make sure to grab a tangelo this month! They’re a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine, and are a great snack because they’re easy to peel and have a fantastic sweet, tangy flavor. 

Additionally, if you receive our wide variety of organic baskets, you’ll be receiving Haden mangoes! Hadens are known for being unusually sweet when green, becoming even sweeter as they develop through each of the ripening stages. Get ready for a creamy, almost non-fibrous melt-in-your-mouth mango! 

Check out what’s coming your way in this month's baskets and boxes:

Wide Variety Basket: Bananas, Avocados, Pink Ladies, Granny Smiths, Best Ever Pears, Haden Mangoes, Manila Mangoes, Murcotts, Pixies, Tangelos, Blood Oranges, Cara Caras, Navel Oranges. 

Basics Basket: Bananas, Kiwi, Pink Ladies, D’Anjous, Boscs, Fuji, Galas, Murcotts, Pixies, Tangelos, Blood Oranges, Grapefruit Navel Oranges. 

Value Pack: Bananas, Bosc Pears, D’Anjou Pears, Gala Apples, Fuji Apples, Pink Lady Apples, Tangelos, Pixies + Murcotts, Navel Oranges.

Organics Basket: Avocados, Kiwi, Bananas, D’Anjous, Boscs, Haden Mangoes, Fujis, Galas, Jazz, Pink Ladies, Grapefruit, Tangelos, Pages, Tangos, Navel Oranges.

Organic Value Pack: Bananas, Bosc Pears, Fuji Apples, Tangos, Navel Oranges, Tangelos, D’Anjou Pears

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