Wellness in the Office

Corporate wellness is one of the best ways to increase employee satisfaction and ultimately result in a higher retention rate. Wellness has many different components; two of the most significant focuses within companies are psychological and physical health. Encouraging employees to participate in a healthy lifestyle outside of work is not enough; companies need to enable lifestyle changes such as gym time, personal time for appointments, and providing healthy snacks at the office. 

Mental and Physical Health: 

Many Americans spend the majority of their days at work with an overwhelming amount of responsibilities once they leave the office. Companies must allow and support employees to take care of their mental health when necessary. A recent Forbes article stresses that “holistic wellness means addressing the needs of employees as whole persons, not just as workers.” Creating and launching educational programs around mental health helps increase knowledge, and fosters an environment for self-help. 

Another factor that contributes to a better mental state at work is exercise, known to elevate mood along with enhancing concentration and memory, ultimately benefiting workplace performance. Small changes have a big impact such as encouraging outdoor walks or team outings around fitness. 

Health and Nutrition:

A vital subarea of physical health is healthy eating, and one way to support this area is by offering better snack options for employees. Studies have shown that companies that offer natural and wholesome snacks for their employees enable active minds in the workplace. If your company wants employees to perform and do their best work, make sure employees have healthier options available, rather than just junk food. 

In an article written by Forbes discusses an increase of snacking culture found that “according to recent data, 91 percent of people snack multiple times a day. In fact, snacking accounts for around half of all eating in the U.S.” The article also discusses that unfortunately, many companies offer low-quality snacks that include “candy, soda, and other snacks loaded with sugar, saturated fat, and chemicals. These are snacks that not only derail productivity with energy crashes.”

One of the ways that you can enhance wellness in the office is by providing fresh fruit. Sigona's Office Deliveries provides fresh fruit baskets and boxes that showcase the best fruit every season. The produce is rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants that will keep employees energized and ready for success. Sigona’s prides itself on delivering high-quality fruit that's delicious and ready to eat. Next time you go into your office, see if there are any healthy food options for the team and if you believe your team deserves an upgrade, check out our website!

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