Six Snack Trends from the 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show

Feb 17, 2022

We kicked off February at the Specialty Food Association’s 2022 Winter Fancy Food Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a jam-packed three-day event with thousands of specialty snacks and flavors from all over the world. We spent a lot of time talking to exhibitors, reading nutrition labels, and ...

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Colorful and Delicious: Winter's Best Snackable Fruits

Jan 20, 2022

We’re well into January, and even though we're still months away from spring favorites like cherries and apricots, we still have lots of wonderful winter fruits to choose from.  Our produce experts choose the very best of varieties available in our seasonal produce boxes – and as always, we ...

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The Transient Beauty of the Fall Persimmon

Nov 11, 2021

Persimmon season reminds us of the Japanese concept of mono no aware. Mono no aware notices that everything is transient, most especially things of nature and of beauty. Consider the brief cherry blossom season, the falling leaves of autumn, or the changing face of the moon as it wanes. It ...

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Local Kiwi Season Is Here!

Oct 26, 2021

The Kiwifruit (née ‘The Strawberry Peach’)


The new local crop of kiwifruit is in, and we’re excited to bring it to your workplace!

 We’re headed into the heart of the harvest: the California season started earlier this month and runs through May. Right now, we’re getting our ...

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Benefits Of Apples

Oct 21, 2021

Want to stay more alert?  More sustained energy?  Who doesn’t want that?

For many of us, work doesn’t start till the coffee kicks in.  To be sure, there’s nothing like that morning caffeine hit. Till the midmorning crash. 

Consider the apple.   A medium apple has 13 grams ...

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